Isaw: A Street Food Experience


Isaw is a kind of street food that is ubiquitous in the Philippines. Pig or chicken instestines are thoroughly cleaned before it is boiled to soften its toughness. Every street purveyor has their own twist on the isaw – boiled in star anise, cooked adobo style, or even inasal style, you can find different variations of this visually overwhelming street staple.

The experience of eating isaw starts with your selection. Faking mastery in choosing the best, you examine each stick, pick out your choices and hand it to the griller. You can wait by the sidelines or drink beer which is always the best way to enjoy isaw. Once cooked, for more authenticity albeit it being unhygeniec, the isaw is dipped in a huge tub of vinegar with onions, garlic, chilis, and sometimes cucumber. Other more conscious isaw vendors, separate the vinegar to prevent the dipping phenomenon.

So, if you are brave enough when you visit, have some isaw by the road. It’s a different kind of experience – for better or for worse.




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